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Appointment of Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement Authority- GO(Ms)- No.321/2016/Home

സർക്കാർ ഉത്തരവ് (കൈ) 01/2017/പിസവിവ, തീയതി 10-02-2017

Association of Government Servants with Raising of Funds for Festivals - Instructions Issued 18-01-2017

Paddy and Wet Land Act - Revised  Circular on utilization of Lands classified as wet land in BTR

Government Order (P) No. 31/2016/P&ARD Dated 15-12-2016

Protection of Paddy Land /Wet Land/ Escheats -Circular dated 30.09.2016

Circular No. 43203/C3/2016/RD dated 22.10.2016
VACB  -Operation Gramom - Circular dated 17.08.2016

PTS: Calculation of Sweeping Area  GO(P) No. 101/2016/Fin dated 21.07.2016

Government Order for Land Acquisition

Educational Concessions to OEC Category G.O(MS) 07/2016 Dated 25-08-2016)

Rehabilitation and Resettlement package for acquisition of Land (G.O(P) 377/2016 Dated 08-07-2016)

Rehabilitation and Resettlement package for acquisition of Land (G.O(P) 376/2016 Dated 08-07-2016)

GO(MS) 355/2016/RD Dated 14-06-2016

GO(MS) 96/2016/RD Dated 06-02-2016

GO (MS) 491/2015/RD Dated 25-09-2015

Guidelines for Felling and Removal of Trees GO (MS) 31/2001/F&WLD Dated 24-06-2001

Issuance of Non- Creamy Layer Certificate- Explanation to Guidelines - Circular  Dated 19.04.2016

Continuance Sanction of Special Land Acquisition G.O. (Rt) No.783/16/RD Dated, 02.O2.2016

Continuance Sanction of Special Land Acquisition G.O. (Rt) No.782/16/RD Dated, 02.O2.2016

സർക്കാർ ഉത്തരവ് (എം.എസ്) 624/15/റവന്യൂ, തീയതി 21-11-2015

സമാശ്വാസ തൊഴിൽദാന പദ്ധതി സർക്കാർ ഉത്തരവ് 29/2015/ഉ.ഭ.പ.വ തീയതി 12-11-2015

കേരള നെൽവയൽ തണ്ണീർത്തട സംരക്ഷണ ഭേദഗതി നിയമം 2015

നെൽവയൽ തണ്ണീർത്തട ക്രമപ്പെടുത്തൽ ചട്ടങ്ങൾ 2015

കേരള നെൽവയൽ തണ്ണീർത്തട സംരക്ഷണ ഭേദഗതി ചട്ടം 2015 (ഫോറങ്ങൾ) ഫോറം 4 ഫോറം 5 ഫോറം 6

Kerala Conservation of Paddy land and Wetland Amendment Act 2015

Paddy Land and Wetland Regularisation Rules 2015

Paddy Land and Wetland Amendment Rules 2015  Forms : Form4 Form 5 Form 6

Land Transfer between Government Departments

Minutes of the meeting on Kerala State Land Bank

Land Transfer - Kairali Heritage

Survey_G.O (P) 123/2015/RD dated 24.03.2015

Arable Forest Land Assignment Rules 1970 - Amendement 2014

Right to Fair Compensation & Transparency in LA, R&R Rules 2014 (DRAFT)

Revenue-Survey Adalat _ Circular

Recommendation for Land Transfer  -clarification

Proforma for publication of finance accounts 2012-13


1 Lease list with KRD number
2 Lease list without KRD number

Circular on reporting the area of land -issued

LARR Act 2013 Compensation-Circular dated 20.05.2014

LARR Act 2013 - Passing of Award  Circular No 36253/B1/14/RD 17.10.2015

G.O (MS)  485/2015/RD dated 23.09.2015

G.O (P)  166/2015/RD dated 29.04.2015

G.O (MS) 4/2015/BCDD dated 27.01.2015

G.O. (P) 17/2015/ID dated 07.02.2015 KMPIMSTR_2015

G.O.(P) 16/2015/ID dated 07.02.2015 KMMCR_2015

G.O.(P) 50/2015/RD dated 02.02.2015

G.O (P) 3/2015/BCCD dated 23.01.2015

G.O (P) 458/2014/RD dated.21.11.2014

G.O (MS) 25/2014- BCDD dated 01.11.2014

G.O(MS) 16/2014-BCDD-dated08.08.2014

G.O(MS) 405/14/RD dated 20.09.2014

Quarry - Revised GO(Rt) No. 4401/14/RD dated 04.09.2014

Minority Certificate _ GO(MS) -345/14/RD

O.B.C and O.E.C- G.O.No 59/2012/SCST dated.16.04.2012

Continuance of Special Land Acquisition units upto 31.03.2014

Formation of New Taluks G O (P) 283/2013/RD dated 27.06.2013

Government order on Rehabilitation and Resettlement package for acquisition of land

Government order on revision of pokkuvaravu fees of land

ReLIS Kerala Version 2.0 (Revenue Land Information System)


Amendement in Transfer of Registry Rules

Amendment in Land Assignment Rules;GO(P)- 1246/2004/RD Dated 14.05.2004

Revised Guidelines for Granting Lease on Government lands; GO(MS) 174/2011/Revenue Dated 02.05.2011

Revised Orders on rate of Rent under Travancore Kuthakappattom Rules; GO(MS) 1025/85/RD Dated 19.12.1985

Revised Rates of Rent wrt Leases and Licenses; GO(MS) 1026/85/RD Dated 19.12.1985

Circular on revision of land tax

Issue of Certificates from VillageOffices - Circular issued

Paddy field-wetland conservation (Amendement) Act 2011

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